Articles from April 2008

Groups – Ingroups, Outgroups

Everyone has his or her own ‘voice’ in a group. A group is a circle of people nearby you. There are psychological terms ‘ingroup’ and ‘outgroup’ to determine who is inside your circle and who is outside it. People inside your ingroups can be said to be your friends whom you share thoughts and experiences […]

緣份, Fate

Note: This is another post from my old blog. 有陣時唔等緣份唔得。有啲理想嘅對象,因為某些因素,攪到我無法接近。雖然佢未必係最理想嘅對象,好似佢一模一樣咁嘅人其實都好罕有架。所以,唔信緣份真係好難,因為你冇話事權,又因為分分鐘唔係咁理想嘅對象有好大可能性會同你發展,而且你嗰位有緣無份嘅對象可能哩一世都冇機會發展,真可惜,可惜。 Sometimes it is inevitable to believe in fate. There are certain desired targets where there is no way to approach due to some external factor. Although that one target may not be ideal, it is uncommon to find the identical person elsewhere. Thus, it is […]


When an affection is given too much time off, it is like a chemical dumped in the ocean, all becomes diluted… Edit: This is from my old blog that I’m just importing into here. It is strange, that girls who you may have no particular affections for, you fear of causing them to be drawn or attracted. […]

Miscellaneous thoughts if you aren’t getting one message in reply, you won’t get another; just how the mind works. 「做好本份」的一句話缺乏真態,不夠深奧。人應該向遠處的方向進法..做好本份是不充足的。 People say ‘do your own role’ or something. Or, in other words, whatever you have to do, do it well and not divide your focus on things outside your area of concern. But it lacks sophistication; […]

Motivation and Emotion

I’m reading my Psych text and it is talking about Motivation and Emotion. There is this term  called homeostasis where it refers to some process where the body maintains this optimal level of balance, whether it is thirst, hunger or temperature. It also says because of this balance we have, we always want to level […]

仮面ライダーTHE NEXT

Translation to title: Kamen Rider THE NEXT, which is the sequel to Kamen Rider THE FIRST, in case you’re wondering. Warning! SPOILERS Below: So… I just finished watching it… and I don’t know what to say. First, the plot is not like  at all; instead, it has a complete separate storyline without any connections from […]

Things never come easy – Part II.

A spontaneous thought that came to me a few minutes ago… and this is a followup of my other post from Things Never Come Easy on April the 9th… Anyway… you know when you care about someone, you think more than usual. When the girl doesn’t act according to your expectations then you start thinking… a […]

8 Ball Sweep

LOL. I just owned someone in 8ball, pocketing all 7 balls and the 8 ball without him (or her..) pocketing EVEN ONE! Here’s the screenshot. Oh and I go by the initals ’12’ if you don’t know… If you ever see ’12’ as your opponent, it could be me!

Fairyland Screenshot

This is my main character and I just got a level up from work skills. And woot! I gained 83HP! (Click to enlarge)


Life is a game, or rather, an acting game. It’s either you are the actor, or you are the director. The actor is the passive form, while the active is the director. As a director, you direct yourself how you want to behave in front of others… and the actor is to act a particular […]