Articles from May 2008


I think whatever child you want in the future, when your wife does carry your baby, you should try to tell her to do what will affect the baby. I mean, if she stays up late to work, most likely it’ll affect the child’s tendency to be a hard worker. And I think these characteristics […]

Friend Thoughts

Might’ve said this before but when your vision of interests diverse from your hang out group, you step back from that group gradually and eventually out of that group circle without noticing. Because 道不同不相為謀 (or when (their) morality differs (from yours), you won’t relate to them), they will only invite the people with the same […]

Drawing near

I’m close to losing all of the attractions of you.             …if only you’d answer me.

If only…

If only one thing gets better, confidence will be boosted for other things…

A break

Need a break in life.

Random Side Note

When given too much time, you’d lose interest even to the most beautiful thing in the world. By that time, you’d have to but tend to some other interest, perhaps less beautiful.