Articles from June 2008

Re: Mr & Mrs Lai

Man… sometimes I just don’t wanna know these things… just strikes the thought that others have something I don’t. I literally find any way to satisfy that desire. I just wished I have my future all dependent on myself. I mean… not being able to find someone I like enough that I can stick with, […]

Some awkward moments

A few days to one or two weeks ago I wanted to ask this girl whose age wasn’t too close to me, but anyway she kept giving these last minute excuses and eventually she asked isn’t it weird for us to go out because of our differences. I think that was pretty childish…


自由慣,想試吓有女仔喺身邊嘅感覺 想睇兩種有咩分別~

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You know what? At this point of my life, long-term relationships aren’t for me… There are just too many problems and also it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that others don’t commit. Since nothing seems to last, I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy what I have, what I get, what I can […]

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