Articles from November 2008

November 28, 2008

Today was my last class for term 1, 2008-09 year. It’s always that time of the year where it is the last time you will likely see your classmates, unless you managed to befriend with whoever it may be (and certainly there are ones who you could attempt to but failed to close the gap). Unlike […]

“Sometimes, it’s painful to always treating yourself as the main cast. It’s better to sometimes treat yourself an extra so that you will have less stress.”

– Shuu By main cast, I mean that you put yourself on top notch, always competing and seeking for success. You want to be the centre of attention, discussion and that is painful because it is difficult to take in failure. By extra, it means nothing matters. The only thing is you just got to […]

“All good things become valuable after they are taken.”

– Shuu Side note: You can also say it: “All good things have more value after they are no longer available to you.”

Point X in Time

I was thinking, how everything starts at an arbitrary point in time. For me, I ask myself, why did I learn Taekwon-do so late in my life. I’m guessing you should start young. Then I learned from my instructor that there’s no point to look back for prospectives. Yeah, I could’ve started at a younger […]