Articles from December 2008

MSN Deletion

I have finally blocked and deleted Ronnie from my MSN permanently. I’ve had enough of her and I’m moving her to my non-pursuit list. Yes, I have multiple lists, namely three. One is pursuable, another is maybe pursuable, and the third is on-pursuable. In short, it is name as 1) yes, 2) maybe, and 3) […]

I’m slowly turning schizophrenic… especially at this time of the year.  First we have a failure of courses, followed by this girl driving me insane.  Last night just had some dream where I was going insane. I had lost my self-control and had become really violent and vengeful. In reality, I’m tired of this weird […]

Why are women a nuisance?

Why are they so troublesome? 點解女人要咁麻煩? And yet us guys are destined to be attracted to them. 而同時我地男士又喜歡佢地. Why can’t I just deprive myself from this trouble? 點解我唔可以除去我自己從呢個煩惱? …to somewhere…free. …而去一處…自由的.

Finally work.

Finally I got work tomorrow, or rather, today in the afternoon.  I have already planned what I want to do: In math notation, I would find all given functions whether they are continuous, then go on to take their derivatives. Or, in analysis notation, take a neighbourhood N of point x, with radius epsilon, to […]

Black Belt Oath

Life Tae Kwon-Do International Daily Black Belt Oath I shall be honest at all times. I shall respect all life. I shall never go against my parents or teachers. I shall never misuse Tae Kwon-Do. I shall appreciate all that I have. I shall always try my best. I shall think before saying or acting.