Articles from January 2009

“Whats the difference between trying your best and just simply trying without your best? There is none, when it comes to fate.”

– Shuu. Whether or not you try your best or not, if you were meant to lose, even if you tried so hard that you were really careful to not make any mistakes, you will still lose. A good example of this is solitaire. Sometimes when you don’t try as hard, you get to win. […]

“If you treat the girl like a princess but she doesn’t appreciate it, she’s not worth your time.”

– Eve


Lol, it’s 4:25 right now… and I woke 15 mins since.. I fell asleep at 9ish.. lol.. around 7 hours.. so anyway, I saw that she went online (i appeared offline) and I did leave a message to her on msn. She didn’t reply. For some reason, I didn’t feel mad or anything. I used […]

Trivial Details

I realised one thing today: if you ask someone for email or msn, and you give them a notebook or something that has in one of the pages a contact page that states for name, phone number, (email) address, etc., and he or she writes the phone number, it really does not mean much. I […]

More Thoughts

I am on campus right now and I just read a friend’s blog entry, which I spent over 30 minutes typing up a response. And I thought I should quote some of them here: First, it is about tradition: “I do not like to follow tradition because the traditional definition of any word is defined […]

A blog for a friend

I was talking to her and she wanted me to type it up because she was in a similar boat that I was in. Do we remember from last time that the conversation I had with that girl who shall not be named went really bad because I did one thing I should not have […]

Quote IV

「哩個世界唔係人玩你就係你玩人。」- 愁 “In this world, it’s either people screw you , or you screw them.” – Shuu This is because there is no perfect equilibrium between one and another person. Clearly in my incident with that girl, I got owned. I spent over 50 hours on her, and in the end she said she didn’t […]

Few random thoughts.

I say I don’t care, but nevertheless I do to an extent. I have many questions that I know have to be left unanswered. Why are these people on FB all look so happy? Do they even know what it is to be happy? And do they have justification to doing so? It feels like […]


So, From V to F is one major knotch forward. Together they make Virtua Fighter, but that’s aside. Something from V that taught me was that during that time, you would care so much about what the truth was, ie., what was she really thinking. In the end she wasn’t really thinking at all. I […]

The Answer.

I want to make this short. I managed to talk to her for real while I was driving us to her area, to get the books back, despite knowing that it would damage the relationship, or ‘pre-relationship’. ~ We got on my car. It was the last time I opened the door for her. So, […]