The Answer.

I want to make this short.

I managed to talk to her for real while I was driving us to her area, to get the books back, despite knowing that it would damage the relationship, or ‘pre-relationship’.

We got on my car. It was the last time I opened the door for her. So, I first said how this conversation will have an influence on the that night was a little weird. – not much response.

I was asking if she felt anything, ie., any hints from me. She didn’t know what ‘hints’. She told me to be more direct.

And I did. I asked if I did anything that was beyond a normal friend, that I wouldn’t do to others and that showed signs of my little affection for her. And obviously she said no. But I was like how could you not, it was pretty obvious, at least to myself.

I used a little example saying a friend of mine liked this girl who had a boyfriend, and that he had to get over her by trying to focus on another girl he didn’t like. She felt that was ridiculous.

Anyway, after that she said she just treated me as a normal friend, and that I was a little weird today, too. She didn’t know what she did that caused this misunderstanding. I reassured that it wasn’t something that she did, but more like something that happens naturally.

So, I told her to forget about what I said, and that I know it was gonna end up something like this, but I was expecting it to come anyway. It was not so much a surprise to me, but the fact that it was surprising to hear that she didn’t get any hint.

One more thing was that I told her (midway through the trip) she didn’t have to come with me if she was going with a friend after. She said it wasn’t planned prior to my dinner invite. I thought it was worse because that means she doesn’t respect the event. She can leave any time, but I also said it’s her freedom to leave as she wishes, but there’s not really any respect for the person, ie., me.

I basically drove to that place, got the stuff, drove her home and then that was it. The end of it.

I guess it is best to suppress any feeling in the future. If you let that feeling out, you do and think more than she does, so even if you like some girl, pretend (until it becomes real) you don’t. That way you can feel better.

Honestly, after this incident, I don’t know anymore how you can succeed in this. I don’t think I did anything wrong that screwed it up. You may say it’s not my problem but the girl’s.

Edit: 8:40pm: 50 hours of lost investment.


  1. Jimmy says:

    nice shit man! well take it slowly the next time. its not really like all the girls are gay. u can express ur shits when the time comes and ull know it. gl!

  2. chubbyapple says:

    haha you want to make this short…so long…but expressive =) that 女人will eventually…. 後悔 for what she did. If she didn’t get it its her lost…if she did get it but said otherwise…and played with your feelings…she’s just another bitch that should be ignored.

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