Quote IV

「哩個世界唔係人玩你就係你玩人。」- 愁
“In this world, it’s either people screw you , or you screw them.” – Shuu

This is because there is no perfect equilibrium between one and another person. Clearly in my incident with that girl, I got owned. I spent over 50 hours on her, and in the end she said she didn’t fucking get the hints. Frankly I think she’s just fucking toying around with me. Seriously, she and her texting. Yeah, go text all you want. I’m glad I don’t have to see that shit anymore. An alternate version of that quote is “it’s either they hurt you or you hurt them.” I don’t like to hurt people but if you see something wrong in a relationship (or pre-relationship), better end it sooner. Especially if she is ambiguous, get out of there.

So again, seriously, now that I pulled myself out of this situation, I began looking at this whole pre-relationship with her as a third-person perspective. It’s so much clearer because I see both sides of the coin. I used to ignore her flaws or tried to anyway and focused on the positive things we went through. I would think this reception of hers motivated me because I felt like I was invited to make another move. It was a fucking joke. She goes out with way too many people at the same time. Like I was thinking earlier, reception is important but now I guess there’s more to it.

Besides reception, there is also personality, attitude, enigma and I forget if ther eare more. But I will blog again regarding these requirements.


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