Articles from February 2009

Updates 02-26-09

Just some thoughts again. In my econ class I felt the freshness thing again. There is a difference between knowing her and not knowing her. Of course, I look/sound like a completely ‘normal’ person if I don’t talk about these things. But anyway, any ‘normal’ person can analyse, too. But yeah, I still think that […]

Update Feb 24 2009

Got a few things to say. Before the break ended, I was in huge mood swings, like a sin wave function with high amplitude. The feeling is caused by isolation. I know I want attention, like I’d want someone to talk to me rather than me going to talk to someone. After the break ended, I […]

Branch of tree

When you go from the roots up to a particular branch, it has numerous results. From the beginning, you branch into two, two into four, four into eight, eight into 16, etc. Each choice you make is 1/2. Therefore, getting what you want  as a final result depends on how many branches the tree has. If […]

February 13

Today I was depressed for a while… not sure why. I’ve been like this recently… maybe because I did bad on a midterm where I thought I could’ve done better. Yeah, here’s the thing with expectations again. I cared more this time, and it hurt more. Maybe it had to do with the fact that […]

Quote V

“Great reigns come to an end after some point.” – myself. But I think I’ve heard something similar before. “I believe in Karma because everything has a cost – if you fail to treasure something you once had, it will come back to bite you in one form or another some time in the future.” A […]

Decision (short)

I have decided that I will not be looking for a relationship. I may be attracted to certain girls, but friendship shall be my limit. I will only let the girl break the limit and not break it myself. Or I can just simply seek for quick, short and temporal relationships or affections. I think […]

Some Updates. (2)

Part 1 a – Dine out at Yokohama restaurant. 01-24 b – Working at Feet First c – Black belt presentation ceremony on 01-30 d – Dine out at Shaunessy Restaurant on 02-01 Part 2 e – Status on girls f – Sickness g – Fate and Free will e – Status on girls So, it’s been […]

Some updates.

A few things I want to talk here. Part 1 would be more on reality and part 2 would focus on some abstract thoughts. Part 1 a – Dine out at Yokohama restaurant. 01-24 b – Working at Feet First c – Black belt presentation ceremony on 01-30 d – Dine out at Shaunessy Restaurant […]