Articles from March 2009

Girl stuff

This girl called ウエンディ in one of my classes… not sure where I am going with her… kinda hard to get close. Or rather, I don’t know how to approach her.

A few quotes

“Sometimes we do things without thinking of the consequences because of all the temptation.” Additional: I talked about temptation the other day… whether it is right or wrong, and there isn’t really a conclusion. It depends how you see it. If you think holding it in has some strong moral foundation contradiction then you should […]

Friday March 13

Today I saw the other girl again… and this time was better than the last time I saw her. The last time I saw her, she was on the phone (again). This time she was not, but again she looks like she had lost her dog or something. I mean, she’s always so gloomy. Her […]

March 06

Remember people say I think too much. I was thinking (again) about it while I was taking a piss at Buchanan A. And a legit reason I came up with is that since you have to go to the washroom so many times a day, what else can you do but think? I don’t think you can […]


 Sometimes we do things without thinking of the consequences because of all the temptation. The temptation cannot be said to be good or bad, because either it is ambition/lust or immorality. The consequence also cannot be treated as either, because it could either be an obstacle or guidance. Different people value different things, therefore, no […]

Short thought

I was out w/ my friends tonight… and something about going to Whistler and one guy was complaining that he was never invited. Then a few said they have invited everyone. Well, they must not be telling the truth because I was never asked. They may say I won’t go even if they asked – […]

March 1st: Night

So, if you are (a guy and) in a public place, ie. a drinking place, and obvious some girl who works there pays attention to you, but doesn’t make any move. In this case I see two sides: One, you should go make a move because it’s a guy thing and two, you shouldn’t because […]