Articles from April 2009


No matter how many tmes I go out with friends, when there is one day or even a few hours where I’m back at home with no one nearby and no contact from people either online or by phone, it feels boring. Sure, I can find stuff to do but like Ceeson said, there is […]


Luckily I get on the 41, and a lot of times I see interesting girls. But some guy said I should’ve said hi to this one girl I bumped to a couple times. The discussion here is, whether one should do that to every girl he sees attractive. I don’t think so, hence I didn’t do […]

Types of attraction

(or relationships) I think there are two types. I may be wrong but I feel there are some girls that you don’t really have feelings for. Those feelings are like flat. You are not particularly excited with anything related to her. Like a normal friend. I guess you don’t really like her then, but you […]

Winning (2)

“Whenever we lose games you have to come in the next day and forget about what happened so we can try to move forward and improve.” – Reina (Liverpool Starting Goalkeeper) I tend to look back at losses but they only act as a burden to regain the confidence. This quote is a good wake […]


Winning is hard. Winning against human players is even harder. It’s a frustrating process. For video games, Virtua Fighter 5 and Excite Stage J League 96 are my current versus games with human players. Street Fighter II Turbo and Super Street Fighter II are the ones with computer. I used to play Age of Empires with a friend […]


Tuesday night my place was broken into… and it was not a good experience. I’ve moved on though. My grandmaster today said to me to think it more like “I did something for someone”. That makes me feel superior amongst everyone else… especially when I am one who seeks for beyond humanity. Nevertheless, it’s not […]