Articles from May 2009

Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Damn, this game is super hard. At level 4 (out of 8, or default), this AI is insane. I only managed to win 1 game in like 50. lol. Here are my pride: perfect against Zangief and combo finish against T Hawk, both games I lost in the end. Zangief was first round, and T […]

Heartbreaking loss to the Hawks

As a fan, although maybe not as down as the players of the team themselves, it feels bad to have the team of your town lose in a vital game like this, where pretty much you had it in the first two home games. Seeing how the game started at 1-0 Van, then tied by […]


I really hate girls that are fucking with me all the time – always being fake the first time I ask them out and when it draws near find some way out. I asked this girl out for a movie. First she said ask her again in May ’cause she had to go to some […]