Articles from June 2009

(Girl) Friends?

I was just inspired while about to chat with this girl and reminds me how I should actually categorise them as.  Sure, some may say ‘you don’t categorise people; you shouldn’t even need to hesitate1 who isn’t your friend,’ because some would think people automatically become your friend when you are introduced to them. I […]

Lesson for the day

TKD I learned in my TaeKwon-Do dinner with my grandmaster that I must not show anything, namely weakness, but I will also discuss on the general case. Well there are good and bad points to this. If you show nothing, you are like a stone to anyone, everyone. You’d have no friends, no relation with […]


My last post entitled Dessem Pu Emit or “Messed Up Time” talked about understanding and that there is no point to talk if there is no understanding. So I told the story to some friend of mine and he seemed to understand, because he said he “[thinks] in my way” and that they “did not […]

Dessem pu emit.

(try figure out the title) When two people talk about a sensitive matter, there should exist no argument or disagreement. I learned in TaeKwon-Do that we must understand and forgive. I think I did that right. I understand her situation because I can’t blame her for not understanding me. This differentiates TKD practitioners from non-practitioners. […]


Maybe I called (or tried to call) you out for a few times. The first two times or so you answered the call, despite saying no.But you don’t have to start ignoring my calls and my text messages from that point on. Don’t be so immature. Just say the truth. I don’t understand. ~shuu

3n-time Rule

There’s this girl whom I tried asking for lunch but kept rejecting me, which reminds me of the 3-time Rule. The rule say after three times, I stop asking permanently and move on. I think, for me, I’ve asked more than 10 times but I’ve realised and think that this is it. I’ve met her […]

ENGL 221

I’m in my English class right now and from the third row I see like 4 or so relatively good looking backs (girls) and on my row probably two of them. I sort of just introduced myself to one of them. Behind I had two I know.


Not long ago I told someone I don’t like an ordinary life. I don’t want to see and do the same things over and over, like being a pizza boy, doing the same task over and over until you are off work. Or be a sales and just go take out shoes, sell, put them […]