Articles from August 2009

08-31-09 Continued Post

Importance of Concentration Following up from last night, so I talked about pool. So, I learned over summer how important it is to concentrate and play your own game of pool (or snooker) instead of always worrying whether you missed a certain shot or whether you are behind in the game or not, when playing […]


Today and yesterday I’ve gone out quite late. Last week around 21st to 24th I went to pool.  21st by myself, 22nd with a college friend, 23rd with another friend and 24th with high school friends. Funny that I scratched the 8-ball like at least 3 times. I lost 7-1, tied 4-4 twice.  The last […]

Unknown Power

Just now I woke up by some force I’m unsure of, but anyhow it started with the dream where I was told to feel some wall that have holes in them. It was more like patterns on a fence-like wall you would find in a house where a stair leads up to the next floor […]

Excuses 2 & Thoughts on “Online”

To follow up from last time, there are more interesting excuses. So far I got one that says yes and asking me what time I am available but no response. Another one I asked but no reply whatsoever, but clearly online – and occasionally idle or away… so unless someone else is using her computer, […]


曲: 黃家駒 詞: 葉世榮 編: 世榮/家駒/家強 我要再次找那 舊日的足跡 再次找我過去 似夢幻歲月 腦裏一片綠油油 依稀想起她 心中祗想再一訴 那舊日故事 *每一張可愛 在遠處的笑面 每一分親切 在這個溫暖家鄉故地 雨細細 路綿綿 今天祗想她 看透天際深處 道上沒晚霞 在這個黑暗漫長夜靜沒尊話 身邊祗想擁有妳 伴著我在路途 重唱* 再次返到家鄉裏 夢幻已是現在 看有多少生疏的臉 默默露笑容 那裏一片綠油油 早風輕輕吹 細聽媽媽低聲訴 那舊日故事 重唱* 已過去的上可再 今天祗可憶起 一雙祗懂哭的眼 落淚又再落淚 woo… 重唱* 每一張可愛 在遠處的笑面 每一分親切 在這個溫暖地 重唱* (lyrics taken from:


Good excuse – bad excuse. Whatever one you make up, please try to polish it before displaying it. I was asking a few girls out using the exact same question/phrase. I see very interesting answers. Some say they are moving; some say her company is moving (wow.); some say sure but can’t say when because […]


作曲:黃家駒 填詞:劉卓輝 前面是那方 誰伴我闖蕩 沿(前*)路沒有指引 若我走上又是窄巷 尋夢像撲火 誰共我瘋狂 長夜漸覺冰凍 但我只有盡量去躲 *幾多天真的理想 幾多找到是頹喪 沉默去迎失望 幾多心中創傷* #只有淡忘 從前話說要如何 其實你與昨日的我 活到今天變化甚多 只有頑強 明日路縱會更徬徨 疲倦慣了再沒感覺 別再可惜計較甚麼# 誰願夜探訪 留在我身旁 陪伴渡過黑暗 為(若*)我驅散寂寞痛楚 尋覓沒結果 誰伴我闖蕩 期望暴雨飄去 便會衝破命運困鎖 REPEAT*## 始終上路過 *live 版專用字

Girls Update

So I left off with the girl not replying by phone nor text. I ended up in misery for almost two days. She texted back at around 1:40 saying she just woke up ’cause she was really tired. My previous message prior to that was about telling her to at least reply if she wasn’t […]


TaeKwon-Do Today I learned a few things. Teaching can’t be too strict on everyone – gotta see which age group they are in and the belt level. Another thing is I realised how important concentration is, after reading Rafa’s site. He said ‘it is important NOT to lose concentration.’ And I tried it today in […]

08-12-09 TaeKwon-Do

Today’s class is worth recalling and looking back. Basically I am reminded a few things as a student and not as an assistant instructor. In the first class, J7 likes to go around to lecture the kids while I just do my own thing, preparing my mind to start class. I learned something new about […]