Night time

Quick post before bedtime.

Two nights ago, I messaged I*y. I remember her ignoring my messages/text/calls – maybe so do you, if you have read an earlier post. She did reply. I didn’t go straight into asking her out. I was waiting to see her reaction. When she replied, I knew she would at the very least reply to a ‘hi’. When I did ask her out, she said maybe later but she didn’t define ‘later’, because she said she’s really busy lately. My thought is that well, at least she replied but still the excuse is kind of lame.

Last night, I went with a girl friend to the fireworks along with two of her friends who are sisters. Anyway, it was good that I didn’t repeat previous years’ mistake by inviting a friend to it, cutting my attention by half. I thought they were a bit shy in the beginning but after warming up it was better. I still think I don’t communicate too well in English, though I was the only guy there so there wouldn’t be comparison should another guy was to come along.


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