Excuses 2 & Thoughts on “Online”

To follow up from last time, there are more interesting excuses.

So far I got one that says yes and asking me what time I am available but no response.

Another one I asked but no reply whatsoever, but clearly online – and occasionally idle or away… so unless someone else is using her computer, I don’t see how that’s possible.

The girl that said she’s going away over the weekends is clearly back (from Facebook) and has done something today, too. Yet, no call – I guess she’s one of those types to sort of say yes then hide and run.

And the girl that said she was going to the states for four to five days should be back last Sunday but now it is Tuesday and no call. I called like several times since Saturday. Also texted her asking her to call me back. Nothing yet. I’m just wondering if she’s dead or something.


The other thing is a lot of people are online on MSN but never online. By that I mean their status never changes even if they AFK for years. What’m I supposed to do? Message you and not expect a reply for years? Come back when I’m 40 and followup with the conversation? Com’on.

I send a few messages. If you’re “online” I expect a reply by night. If away, I may not even expect any. If offline, definitely not.

If you are “online”, then “idle” or “away” and after some time switching back and forth, it’s clear someone is on the computer. If it’s other than that person, then it’s fine, but at least set it to away? Otherwise I think it’s messed up, because no one else is using it, so it must be that person who’s on the computer. Then clearly he or she is ignoring my message. Seriously, by 24 hours, someone’s gotta be back on to check for messages. No one is gonna waste electricity by leaving the computer on without ever checking.

This goes back to that girl who went away to the states. Earlier, (recall that) I called her on Wednesday, hoping to go out on Friday. She said sure to begin with. But I didn’t ask for address or home phone so I messed up. But okay, no reply for the following day and Friday until nearly 2pm. So, she slept for more than 36 hours. In her case now, if she’s really back by Sunday, that means she has slept for more than 72 hours. One must be dead by now if one sleeps that long.


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