Articles from September 2009

Triple talk

I’m focusing on one topic at a time despite having many in my mind. So each section will remain as one topic. Hypocrisy Is it okay to brand someone hypocrite. One should be careful about doing so unless he/she will not have the issue of being the hypocrite him/herself. As funny or as ironic as […]


So, I just met that girl whom I’ve sort of ended my values on her. She asked me what I’m up to. I’m like doing Math. She said last time she was really busy and that she slept at 4 last night? Okay. And she subsequently apologised saying that she was really busy (uh huh) […]

RE: Honger Girls

Another conversation I had with another friend, I was trying to break things down using logic. He said logic doesn’t work because love is irrational. I disagreed – either she likes you or she doesn’t. She can’t be both. If she likes you but at the same time she doesn’t, it could be she likes […]

Honger Girls

RE: Something Learned. Tonight a friend and I have confirmed that girls who ignore calls or avoiding from the guys is a tad immature – like I’ve said before. He said that’s the thing with Honger girls. Cbc’s, white girls etc. are much more direct. If you are not interested, don’t waste the guy’s time, […]

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries: 306,938 – Public Assembly (Midnight Wesker)

Tonight, or rather Wednesday night I had two succesful runs. The first was at around 155k. What I did wrong there was I wasn’t sure where to go as I started off at the other higher side where you had to jump down to get to the ground. I went behind the timer place to […]


Okay, guys, 28 comments total, 14 are spam. You get the message.


Those who run away from situations, conversations or whatever don’t deserve to be respected. Those are the lower-human beings, close to the ‘fallen knight’ or however they say it. I think it’s to do with Adam and Eve’s ‘fallen’ status? Or might have been another literature I’ve read but I can’t remember. Nevertheless, if you […]

Two quotes

“A chance for me is a chance for you.” – I think I’ve said this before. Although karma isn’t proved, I think people should give everyone a chance. I’ve done the contrary once and I’ve felt it myself in her shoes. It’s more than giving someone a chance – it’s about being wise to have […]


歌:高橋洋子 残酷な天使のように 少年よ 神話になれ 蒼い風がいま 胸のドアを叩いても 私だけをただ見つめて 微笑んでるあなた そっとふれるもの もとめることに夢中で 運命さえまだ知らない いたいけな瞳 だけどいつか気付くでしょう その背中には 遥か未来 めざすための羽根があること 残酷な天使のテーゼ 窓辺からやがて飛び立つ ほとばしる熱いパトスで 思い出を裏切るなら この宇宙を抱いて輝く 少年よ 神話になれ ずっと眠ってる 私の愛の揺りかご あなただけが 夢の使者に呼ばれる朝がくる 細い首筋を 月あかりが映してる 世界中の時を止めて 閉じこめたいけど もしもふたり逢えたことに意味があるなら 私はそう 自由を知るためのバイブル 残酷な天使のテーゼ 悲しみがそしてはじまる 抱きしめた命のかたち その夢に目覚めたとき 誰よりも光を放つ 少年よ 神話になれ 人は愛をつむぎながら歴史をつくる 女神なんてなれないまま 私は生きる 残酷な天使のテーゼ 窓辺からやがて飛び立つ ほとばしる熱いパトスで 思い出を裏切るなら この宇宙を抱いて輝く 少年よ 神話になれ

US Open Final: [1] Federer vs [6] del Potro

For all of you who haven’t watched it, I won’t spoil it. But if you don’t want to be spoiled, beware, you have been warned. — For those of you who have, read on. Waaaaaaaooooooh. What a final, though I didn’t watch much of the second and third sets. I watched the first 4-5 games […]