Two quotes

“A chance for me is a chance for you.”

– I think I’ve said this before.

Although karma isn’t proved, I think people should give everyone a chance. I’ve done the contrary once and I’ve felt it myself in her shoes. It’s more than giving someone a chance – it’s about being wise to have everyone as your friend. And it’s even beyond being wise.

“Death comes to those who wait – and sooner to those who don’t.”

– two separate quotes I found from Koerner Library’s washroom today.

Credits to them, whoever they were. I don’t think thinking about death is such a problem. A third guy wrote underneath those two, saying they were emo’s thinking about death and that they should live their lives. He dates that comment as the 17th of the month and beneath it another arrow is drawn, saying “Deceased, Sept 18, 2009”, meaning the third guy mentioned above ‘died’ a day after. Hilarious in this whole ‘passing the note’ kind of thing but think about it: will thinking about death bring to you sooner? I think if you do, you are closer and easier to accepting death, not necessarily bringing death sooner. Those who don’t think about it will have to face death in a sudden sense.

I thought about it and need to accept it whenever it comes. So I’m not expecting to live long then suddenly die young like most people do. I expect to have anything happen and just let fate decide when it is time.


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