Articles from November 2009

RE5: Mercenaries Prison Solo

Character: Wesker (Midnight) Kills: 150 Score: 302,426 Max Combo: 32 It was the first 150 kill run I had. My previous best was about 190k for 149 kills.. This time I made sure the stuck point is cleared. I had about 7 minutes when I got all my timers.. Had a bit of trouble here […]

Quick thought on death

This has mainly to do with religion and the thought of it. As far as my belief goes, I think simply as this: if you were to die at any time t, you will not die at t – c, for small number c > 0. You will not die at any later time t […]


What is with the rain? It has been raining so much that I don’t even remember a day without the use of an umbrella. It isn’t even like life anymore – life shouldn’t have to deal with rain 24/7. I mean, raining is only one of the different types of weather we have on Earth […]


I don’t know why but it seems like curses, whether they are true or not, have this effect of limiting what people say. So here I am, I was just thinking to myself how fortunate being healthy. I was just thinking. I didn’t say. But what coincidence! I have a running nose and maybe I’ve […]

Expensive Price

School’s ending within a year for me. I have no idea how my future is gonna be. If I don’t remain in country, chances are I cannot afford a relationship now. Now, those of you who visit, whether you are my friends, or just came across via my Facebook or Youtube page, or through search […]


Today I met this dude and he was asking if I could help him on some project. Basically he takes one photo of me and I can do whatever the heck i want in it, goofy face, anything. So here’s the site:


I used to care about what friends say to me. Sometimes they say things without thinking that may be offensive. Whenever I hear those I take it seriously. Now I don’t. Competition was a huge part of me due to teachers in elementary school. So I always wanted to be better than someone, like China. […]