Articles from December 2009

Two Places One Life

I realise going out driving nearly all day in a Western city is just as exhausting… as just going out walking all day in an Asian city. Different types of tiredness. You don’t burn your legs, but you lose concentration from all the driving…

Dating Theory

Okay, I used to think you cannot go out with someone who you don’t know well. Not necessarily. Two girls whom I am not close with said yes to my going-out invitation but one bailed out the day before, which is earlier today Tuesday. Now, one more on Thursday. If she bails out too, then […]

It is easy to…

It is easy to check that a girl makes a stupid excuse. First you sort of ask and check to see what she does for say, the winter break. If you think she is free, proceed. Instead of asking her to hang out, that is, “Let’s …” is bad, ask her if she wants to. […]

RE5 Mercenaries Highscore

PSN: ShuuCero Solo PA: 358293 30 *NEW*, 306938 max kill 25 combo Mines: 138220, 149, 40 Village: 84480, 96, 17 Ancient Ruins: 43130, n/a Experimental: none Missile: 264584, 150, 39 Ship Deck: 207277, 19 *new*;141640, 145, 31 Prison: 336864 28 *NEW*, 302426, max, 32 Duo PA: 726636 max, 80 Mines: 510631, max, 60 Village: 363222, […]

Your Highness

When you’re high you talk about things more dramatically and more in depth. So, I was discussing with a friend how girls like guys after some time, without much consideration of their looks or exterior qualities. So, presumably, if the guy had no face it wouldn’t matter. It’d be then best like the girl(s) at […]


The Germans are really smart. I heard from one during the dinner of Newman’s post-exam that during first year (depending on the program) Real Variables I and II are mandatory… (WTF). Calculus in grade 11? I think. That’s just crazy… though Asian schools are quite similar.

Excite 96

A quick technique used in Manual Keeper and Player vs Player mode. It’s called the One-Touch or Multiple-Touch Technique For example in indoor, if you shoot at the emptier side of the goal, the opponent can guess that. So what’s best is instead of one-touch, you have two-touch, changing the direction of the original shot. […]