Articles from January 2010


I think I got back the feeling of what it is like when you miss somebody. I don’t know if Ilike her… but clearly it is the wrong girl to have such a feeling or think about. This just proves that looks don’t grant the ambiguous feeling of love. Anyway, I shouldn’t think too much. […]

Short facts or hypotheses

When friends start acting like moms it gets a bit annoying. Someone who lectures another but is not a generation above does not make much sense. I don’t know where one can find the authority to doing so. In order to keep up with all the latest shit, money is necessity. People talk about all […]

Some body…

Some body read my mind… …or not. ~shuu.


I haven’t met a shy person for a while. This is the first time I was told to back off. I don’t see the reason to do that. Just can’t believe even at university there are people who have no sense of sociability. No sense of direction whatsoever. The funny thing is I don’t even […]

Hitting on her

Some people don’t quite understand why I bother “hitting” on a girl who is in a relationship. I quote it because I don’t believe that’s the correct verb. Through a friend “Grp” who talked about just treating them as friends, I’ve learned to do it so for the past half year. Another reason is because […]

Once per 365 days

Once every year I get a lot of text and FB wall posts and it’s when it is my birthday. This year isn’t much different. Still newer friends congratulating me more than my closer friends. I don’t get like my wall spammed like a virus infection but what was different from last year was I […]

New Method

Couple months ago, I met this first year and due to the age gap, I wanted to try something else. I don’t quite remember what I used to do. I think I just went really quick for each one and I just be like usual and tell some tough (and possibly lame) jokes that they […]

Tae Kwon-Do Lesson

There are three stages of training attitude. First, your mind tells your body what to do. Second, your body and mind act simultaneously. Third, your body acts before your mind does. ~shuu.

RE: Dating Secret: What Makes Men Fall in Love “To protect”: right. Most guys do want to lead the girl rather than the opposite. “Freedom”: yes, we are born with freedom and not many of us give that away without any price. Take a look at other stuff… ~shuu

New Year 2010

Who knew what would happen in 2009 around this time last year? Everyone welcomes the new year and celebrates it. “Happy New Year”. What’s the point of saying this? Or rather, “happy birthday” is a common one. People say this because others say it. Some say it because they think it would bring happiness to […]