New Year 2010

Who knew what would happen in 2009 around this time last year? Everyone welcomes the new year and celebrates it.

“Happy New Year”. What’s the point of saying this? Or rather, “happy birthday” is a common one. People say this because others say it. Some say it because they think it would bring happiness to others. But come on, happy for one whole year? That’s impossible. There’s always ups and downs throughout 365 days.

Every year people celebrate differently. Some don’t. The typical “Happy New Year” chant on MSN, Facebook, etc. doesn’t suit me. But, I would have done that too, had my final week of the year been better. I was saying earlier that when I try to hang out with a not-too-close friend, I’m likely to get ditched the day before. For the past two weeks, I had five occurences: one guy four girls. That still proves my theory right, that unless you’re really close, chances are they (females) won’t go out with you.


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