Once per 365 days

Once every year I get a lot of text and FB wall posts and it’s when it is my birthday. This year isn’t much different. Still newer friends congratulating me more than my closer friends. I don’t get like my wall spammed like a virus infection but what was different from last year was I didn’t spend my birthday horribly. I remember last year it was such awkward when I had to organise myself and it was done poorly, especially the girl whom I’ve invited left half way through. But of course she had left after the dinner. I do see it differently now because whether she goes off with another friend is completely legit. A friend said she always organises her own birthday, while from what I see some friends have others organise for them. There isn’t much difference. I tend to see it more that if others do it for you they value it more than if you did it and they were just no more than guests. How did I spent mine isn’t important. I might however do other stuff with other people some time though. About wishes… I used to have one but I don’t remember now. Maybe just a better year?

Anyway, thanks everyone for the wishes.


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