Hitting on her

Some people don’t quite understand why I bother “hitting” on a girl who is in a relationship.

I quote it because I don’t believe that’s the correct verb. Through a friend “Grp” who talked about just treating them as friends, I’ve learned to do it so for the past half year.

Another reason is because of this blog entry by Ceeson.

I don’t believe relationships is a problem of making friends with that person. For all we know the next day she may break up and I may just be able to step in.

If not I’m still friends with her, no? The way to getting to a relationship with a girl is not only about a formal date that consists of a dinner, movie etc.

It can be really simple, according to Ceeson, that you plan one thing and it just flows. Talking seems to be one major key factor.

So just be friends and know the girl more. That’s more important than being couples. I only care about hanging out with them individually, even once. I don’t treat each time as a “date” or anything – just chilling.


Edit: If I have to avoid girls who are in relationships or whatever, I’m getting nothing anyway right?

So what’s wrong with just meeting more people? Do you think they will stay forever? I know some who thought were gonna be together for the rest of their lives and they broke up soon after that.

We’re a long way from marriage anyway, unless you want our parents to pay for it. So I don’t think any of these relationships will end up as our marriage.

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