Articles from February 2010

The Conclusion of the 2010 Winter Olympics

Before the start of this, many have looked forward to. For college and university students like me, it was a two-week break to look forward to. Since every beginning has an end of some sort, we all knew the break was going to end eventually but how many of us will make use of it? […]

Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Reunion Scores

The way it works is this: Name – Score – Kills – Combo –Solo– PA: Chris (Warrior) – 154,910 – 123 – 63x Barry – 83,350 – 112 – 25x Excella – 115,450 – 139 – 30x The Mines: Excella – 115,590 – 134 – 29x Village: Chris (Warriors) – 157,710 – 131 – 61x […]

Pool Night

Tonight had two and a half hours of pool at Q1 but I think I got charged 23.50 and I don’t know how that works. Anyhow, I won four, then lost 7… I really need to be more consistent. I know I can sweep the table but simple shots not working, long steady shots not […]

“Lost” or “Not in the Fight” ?

So recently I was looking through facebook and saw this girl who declared relationship status with another dude. I kind of knew it would happen. They were together allll the time… trust me.. I’ve seen that a lot at the same place nearly every time I go there. How do I feel? Honestly a bit […]

Wish you are still around…


There are some things you would only say because of the person you are speaking to, the atmosphere you are in, or a particular situation. In any case, a lot of times when you are restricted to say something because of the beauty of it, it is likely that what you say is false. I […]

Time, Truth, Temptation

One neutral, one positive, and one negative word as a title. Sort of like a Gordie Howe hat trick in ice hockey , huh? Or a Golden hat trick in association football. Anyway, Ceeson’s temptation entry made me think, thought it’s not the most recent one. Like I said earlier, I haven’t loved and when […]