Articles from March 2010

Update for the sake of it

Lately, my two fellow bloggers both wrote a new entry, so I thought why not write one, too? I will cut down to the girl talk because many think I am pathetic because I have all these problems. Honestly, what is there to say if I didn’t have any problem? I wouldn’t tell you if […]

Evony Ad

I was bored so I composed this ad from an original 160×562 pixels (width x height) but anyway I aw this blog here: as I was googling “Evony”. Here’s the pic: click here (to enlarge) It’s messed up, I know. ~shuu

An interesting article from Yahoo!: “Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour”

Click the link –> Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour for the article. It talks about (maybe not) obvious factors that us guys should not do, given that our girls would think the same way as the author. Lying: It depends on the intensity of the lie. If I tell a lie to hide something I shouldn’t have done, then that […]

Future or not?

Some couples break up because of internal or external problems. Others break up because of unmatching characteristics. Some others break up because of future prospectives. Last term I met this Japanese dude who gradually befriended this Japanese girl, whom I knew later was an exchange for a year(?) Anyhow, recently I saw that they got […]

Angry or upset?

As I was about to go home, I wanted to call a girl-friend and talk about it. But there wasn’t one I could find on my phonebook I could call to talk about the day. I realised that was the case because I don’t call them for a chat enough. I mean, I don’t like showing the weaker […]