An interesting article from Yahoo!: “Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour”

Click the link –> Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour for the article.

It talks about (maybe not) obvious factors that us guys should not do, given that our girls would think the same way as the author.

Lying: It depends on the intensity of the lie. If I tell a lie to hide something I shouldn’t have done, then that will be used against me but if I say something for the beauty of saying it or to protect her, then it’s used on my defense.

Hanging the phone up on you: That’s almost like not answering the phone but if the girl doesn’t even answer your calls, this isn’t so applicable.

Cheating: I think it depends (again) on the level of the relationship between you and the girl because if you are just dating it doesnt’ count but if you have been committing for a long period of time then it is a bigger issue. It means you don’t respect her and ultimately you’re just selfish.

Betraying your trust: This one is hard to say. It may be subjective to the girl. I think there are some lies that are told for the better of the girl.
Manipulation: Similar to abuse… and I think if you do either this or abuse, it tells a lot about your person already.
Not respecting your friends and family: That’s a bit difficult to do for me. I respect everyone anyway.
Abuse: That’s a bit overboard… It’s not really about the relationship anymore but more like some personal issue.


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