Articles from April 2010

Some dreams that we humans shall not touch.

This is about some dream I just got two nights ago. I wrote this as soon as I woke up – about chasing after “ghosts” that run around you. DO NOT EVER TOUCH THESE DREAMS!!! Consider yourself to be warned. It seemed like in the dream I was sleeping the same place I was in […]


It’s funny to tell what is spam and what is not. When the comment has nothing to do with your topic, it’s most likely spam. Like Ceeson said earlier, is spam good? That is, for him, lots of Russian… and a lot of gibberish. I see people praising my entry on Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries […]

Life Tae Kwon-Do International

The official LTI website has been launched! Please visit it – here is the url:


When my friend said tonight at 3 that he hasn’t seen me this committed to a girl, he was right. I haven’t had somebody that could keep me uninterested at others for so long. Maybe because I am running out of time and also I should seriously think about the future. Moreover, it’s about hitting […]