When my friend said tonight at 3 that he hasn’t seen me this committed to a girl, he was right. I haven’t had somebody that could keep me uninterested at others for so long. Maybe because I am running out of time and also I should seriously think about the future.

Moreover, it’s about hitting the bar. Only so often will you hit precisely, so if it happens it’s quite special.

Amongst the four levels I invented, she’s level 3. Level four is the crazy type while level 1 is the shy/soft type. Here’s an analogy: level 1 – she doesn’t touch your hand; level 2 – she touches your hand softly; level 3 – she pinches your hand; and level 4 – she chops your hand off.

Another analogy: level 1 – she doesn’t get near the line; level 2 – she may get near the line but will not cross it (and offend/disrespect) you; level 3 – she may cross the line but only temporarily and level 4 – she consistently crosses the line and way beyond it.

In other words I like the one who gives you a bit of a hard time some times but not all the time. Nonetheless, he suggested me going all out since I don’t have all the time in the world. The question is not what, or why, but how.

When you play snooker (or pool), you learn the simplest move – the straight shot. From there you build on to cut shots, rail shots, etc. You progress.

Each successful shot gives you additional confidence. Each failure shot removes some of your confidence. So, every time you get it wrong, you have less confidence for the next shot, because you don’t know what it feels like to do it right. And so you will continue the trend and the probability of getting back to a successful shot is low.

Similarly, when I don’t know the feeling of success in having the girl put me inside her little brain, I am more likely to flinch. Hence, the “how am I gonna do it” question.


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