Relationship – How to start.

When one isn’t rational, things don’t go right when you get back to being rational. Relationships are that kind of thing. If you start it off in a messy environment, unless you remain in that condition, the relationship’s gonna break eventually. It’s true that e^x raises like e^x and falls like e^x, ie., the faster it comes the faster it goes. I asked each other if I care about once having it or having it forever. I said I think once having it is meaningful enough because nothing lasts anyway.

Now when it’s over, it seems short but it came quick anyway. I look back… I think yeah, it’s a little too short and it’s a bit disappointing, but the process is really what matters. I just think that next time it’s best not to be somebody else other than yourself, especially when you have a few drinks because when you’re back to your normal self, you see the relationship a little differently, if not a lot.

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