Flaws in our outside world

A few thoughts on death and funerals.

Without going into religions too deeply or stating my own opinion on what exists beyond this world, I will only comment on the science and state some but limited history.

We don’t know how we came to this world – so we won’t know where we will go in the end.

To me, a funeral is but a ‘form’ to finalise thoughts on and remember the particular. One kind of chinese funeral has a lot of different ‘things’ to do. It seems like most people already believe in heaven or hell and that came from way back, obviously from churches. I can only assume that the chinese versions are based on their own ‘religion’ because they believe in the underworld.

Many people would believe in that ‘form’ due to tradition or words of mouth from parents or relatives, if not ancesters. One may not believe in a particular ‘form’, yet he or she will follow whichever ‘form’ was used previously.

Speaking of this ‘form’, I’d want to bring in some physics. In our world, fire burns anything into ashes and hence is destroyed from this world. Obviously there is no scientific proof this goes to another dimension. Even if it does, who can guarantee it retains the form of the object PLUS arrive to the person to be concerned.

Such religious acts still exist because founders or followers strongly believed in its truth. Thus, the cycle continues in spreading it down to the further generations. The strictness in the rulebook maintains this truth. Once there is any adjustment to the rules, it breaks the truth in the ‘form’. In the chinese version, the lower generation eldest son has to fulfill certain tasks in the funeral. If there is no son then another son from the family then the next closest one (regardless if non-direct-blood) takes over.

> But it seems like the newer generations will simplify more of these types of ‘form’ and subsequently weakens the whole tradition/religion etc. This brings up the question of whether following it has any point anymore. Some may say it is always better to do something than nothing. I think personally that if we find out we had been doing the same thing wrong for thousands of years, it would have been one of the greatest mistakes of (wo)mankind. Yet, people don’t care.

Not many people care so much about philosophy. They may know what it is but will not research into it further.

Another problem I have with these kinds of ceremonies is that you don’t do it the minute they pass away. Most likely you have to book and wait for a spot. So unless these ‘religions’ have explanations on what happens when a person dies or where he or she will go, I highly suspect some flaw in it, perhaps in terms of the timing. Presuming that you regain your spirit, who can guarantee that by the time you actually do it, the person in concern actually returns and follows everything? Further presume that there is hell and dead people have to go through it, then how does anyone know in those ‘religions’ even if you clear the ‘road’ for him or her that he or she will have an easier time with the ‘road’.

Finally, if everything is false, then we those guys have ben doing for thousands of years is a waste of time.


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