Online Dating

When you ask girls out you aren’t really close with, it’s really hard to get them out. A friend did say that you gotta talk till she is comfortable with being around you first.

Not gonna go into why I think that doesn’t guarantee anything. I will just discuss why it’s hard to talk them out.

To a girl you haven’t seen before, you have to find something to talk about. Certainly you need to talk to an extent before you can try ask her out.  When you are near that point, you would notice they will unlikely to respond. Alternatively, they will continue talking with whatever you guys had left off before you asked her out. In that case you are forced to forget about it.

Let’s say she asks you about it and you tell her. She still can ignore you. Even if she’s okay about it and you have it all planned, she can still ignore your calls, pretend to forget about it, block you from messenger and so forth. So, nothing is guaranteed. even if you’ve gone out n number of times together you can still lose her.

The moral of the story is, it never ends. The main problem is getting over the hump to get yourself some confidence in success. This doesn’t imply all girls you meet are like that. It’s just that the majority have trouble meeting strangers, especially those met online.

There’s not much one can do in this situation. It’s like shooting an arrow at a range very far away. You even have trouble looking at the range yourself, let alone hitting bull’s eye. Consider yourself lucky if you get the next step.

…If by any chance you asked her and she gave no response, just simply take it back and either say ‘maybe we shall wait’ or something.


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