Work Life

I’m gonna share some of my experiences and thoughts about my work life since June. I don’t care if people read it or not. I rather them just pumping into this by accident. Hence, I’ve put it in this blog instead.

School and work are completely different. I’ll tell you why. When you work you face people who you deal business with and I don’t mean literally. I meant your relationship with them are merely business-only – nothing more. When you face your family or friends, you’re back to your own self.

But if you are someone like a Financial Planner, you role isn’t just a worker. You’re a social worker, actually. It gets more complicated that way. The way you behave, including how you talk, what your body language is, etc. will affect your reputation. People have a misrepresentation of such profession because they think it’s not for their own good but for the agent’s. It all depends on how you treat others.

I haven’t been in this field for long but long enough to see changes in my life. I have to mature rather quickly than others because you are talking about insurances or retirement planning to people above your age mostly so you got to act professionally, speak professionally.

People say this job takes friends away from you. I disagree. It’s about how you treat them. Most certainly, they may not like it when you try to sell them. It does still depend on the way you approach it. Most agents who screw up most likely approach their friends wrong. It’s not about the service he or she is providing but the attitude or image that is presented to the client.

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