The value of sacrificing abundance for scarcity

I have been playing tennis for couple weeks now. Before mostly just smack the ball as hard as I could, hoping it’d end up spectacular – a nice winner down the line. Today I took it more seriously and although sacrificing some power, my control and hence angle was more easily adjustable.

In the case of playing mini games, variation of the tiebreak (except with ten points and five serves each side), I came back six points in a row to make it 9-8 then falling 9-11 in the deuce. There was much positives to gain from there. I definitely had the ability to fight for every ball and return as much as I could. This was exactly what the mindset I need for my work.

For work, telephone approach is no longer a bother. With all the positive thoughts and a thriving heart, rejection is only motivation and inspiration. Quality matters more than quantity.

My job now is to gather up all the numbers and names I got from the random list, gather all the existing prospects’ numbers and their data and neatly distribute them into excel for easier management.

Moreover, all the numbers from cards or other lists need to be entered in. New numbers need to be entered in my not priority. Then I can mass produce other numbers.

Finally, my job from time to time is to call on buddies and see how they are doing.

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