2013 in Review

2013 was another jumps and downs for me. It’s always been my signature. In retrospect, there are many things to note of.

People ask me how I am. I can’t answer I’m great with all honesty because I am never satisfied with my life. Success and pressure are correlated.

Most notable is that there are more shows for me to take part in. It’s ashame I can’t participate all of them because of work. Ironically my work is most suitable to be flexible in setting our own schedule. Also I’ve started looking for bands to take part in. HOpefully w’ell make something happen.

Work-wise it’s another year of making through the year. More people are getting sick and claims.

Another notable event was that I met or rather, I thought I met the girl of my interest but things never go as planned or expected.

But, I am just grateful things happened the way they did, rather good or bad, because it’s bound to happen. The things that I have achieved are consequences of what I did leading up to it. Perhaps this relationship are not meant to be at the end. Still it happened for a reason and it means I’m progressing in life. I have learned a lot these days. So, the most important things in my life right now: music, career, soul-mate in search, returning those who have helped me and obviously a better life-style. We can never have a stress-free life, especially when we age. That’s why naming myself “zero stress” is very artistic I think.

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