I am Shuu (or alternatively “Shu”) and 愁 in Kanji and シュウ in Katakana. This blog will mainly be in English due to the internet being a multicultural society.

A brief intro to the site La-Gias. In a game called Lord of Elemental Masoukishin (魔装機神), the place is set in La-Gias (ラ・ギアス), a world which is on the inner surface of Earth. Think about a circle and we are walking on outside of the circle.

In La-Gias, we walk on the inside of the circle. So the sky basically is the centre of the globe and the edge is the sea. Doesn’t make much sense but theoretically that is how it is described as. Of course it doesn’t exist in our world.

Why this name? There are several reasons. One because of its uniqueness. Two because when we as bloggers, or authors, write about something in our own little area, it is like diverged from the world, like an underground. My blog is a world where consequences do not exist. It simply means it’s in an underground world, or “underworld”.

Hopefully that is some interesting information for our readers.


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