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Online Dating

When you ask girls out you aren’t really close with, it’s really hard to get them out. A friend did say that you gotta talk till she is comfortable with being around you first. Not gonna go into why I think that doesn’t guarantee anything. I will just discuss why it’s hard to talk them […]

Relationship – Aftermath

The number six is like both a lucky and an unlucky number. Everything started off with 26 and ends with a 6. After the sixth of October, I will have a new life. I will learn from this relationship, both positive and negative. I’ll take the positive out in here at this blog, and leave […]

Respect or Disrespect: Call or No Call

I don’t know if I’m drunk enough to say this but whatever. But I don’t know how long ago but even when I was little I knew when there’s a “waiting response” for you, it means it is courtesy to “respond back”. Nowadays it does not seem to be the case that this mannerism or […]


When my friend said tonight at 3 that he hasn’t seen me this committed to a girl, he was right. I haven’t had somebody that could keep me uninterested at others for so long. Maybe because I am running out of time and also I should seriously think about the future. Moreover, it’s about hitting […]

An interesting article from Yahoo!: “Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour”

Click the link –> Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour for the article. It talks about (maybe not) obvious factors that us guys should not do, given that our girls would think the same way as the author. Lying: It depends on the intensity of the lie. If I tell a lie to hide something I shouldn’t have done, then that […]

Future or not?

Some couples break up because of internal or external problems. Others break up because of unmatching characteristics. Some others break up because of future prospectives. Last term I met this Japanese dude who gradually befriended this Japanese girl, whom I knew later was an exchange for a year(?) Anyhow, recently I saw that they got […]

Angry or upset?

As I was about to go home, I wanted to call a girl-friend and talk about it. But there wasn’t one I could find on my phonebook I could call to talk about the day. I realised that was the case because I don’t call them for a chat enough. I mean, I don’t like showing the weaker […]

“Lost” or “Not in the Fight” ?

So recently I was looking through facebook and saw this girl who declared relationship status with another dude. I kind of knew it would happen. They were together allll the time… trust me.. I’ve seen that a lot at the same place nearly every time I go there. How do I feel? Honestly a bit […]

Time, Truth, Temptation

One neutral, one positive, and one negative word as a title. Sort of like a Gordie Howe hat trick in ice hockey , huh? Or a Golden hat trick in association football. Anyway, Ceeson’s temptation entry made me think, thought it’s not the most recent one. Like I said earlier, I haven’t loved and when […]

Hitting on her

Some people don’t quite understand why I bother “hitting” on a girl who is in a relationship. I quote it because I don’t believe that’s the correct verb. Through a friend “Grp” who talked about just treating them as friends, I’ve learned to do it so for the past half year. Another reason is because […]