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I really hate girls that are fucking with me all the time – always being fake the first time I ask them out and when it draws near find some way out. I asked this girl out for a movie. First she said ask her again in May ’cause she had to go to some […]


Luckily I get on the 41, and a lot of times I see interesting girls. But some guy said I should’ve said hi to this one girl I bumped to a couple times. The discussion here is, whether one should do that to every girl he sees attractive. I don’t think so, hence I didn’t do […]

Winning (2)

“Whenever we lose games you have to come in the next day and forget about what happened so we can try to move forward and improve.” – Reina (Liverpool Starting Goalkeeper) I tend to look back at losses but they only act as a burden to regain the confidence. This quote is a good wake […]

Girl stuff

This girl called ウエンディ in one of my classes… not sure where I am going with her… kinda hard to get close. Or rather, I don’t know how to approach her.

March 06

Remember people say I think too much. I was thinking (again) about it while I was taking a piss at Buchanan A. And a legit reason I came up with is that since you have to go to the washroom so many times a day, what else can you do but think? I don’t think you can […]

Short thought

I was out w/ my friends tonight… and something about going to Whistler and one guy was complaining that he was never invited. Then a few said they have invited everyone. Well, they must not be telling the truth because I was never asked. They may say I won’t go even if they asked – […]

Updates 02-26-09

Just some thoughts again. In my econ class I felt the freshness thing again. There is a difference between knowing her and not knowing her. Of course, I look/sound like a completely ‘normal’ person if I don’t talk about these things. But anyway, any ‘normal’ person can analyse, too. But yeah, I still think that […]

Update Feb 24 2009

Got a few things to say. Before the break ended, I was in huge mood swings, like a sin wave function with high amplitude. The feeling is caused by isolation. I know I want attention, like I’d want someone to talk to me rather than me going to talk to someone. After the break ended, I […]

Branch of tree

When you go from the roots up to a particular branch, it has numerous results. From the beginning, you branch into two, two into four, four into eight, eight into 16, etc. Each choice you make is 1/2. Therefore, getting what you want  as a final result depends on how many branches the tree has. If […]

February 13

Today I was depressed for a while… not sure why. I’ve been like this recently… maybe because I did bad on a midterm where I thought I could’ve done better. Yeah, here’s the thing with expectations again. I cared more this time, and it hurt more. Maybe it had to do with the fact that […]