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Some dreams that we humans shall not touch.

This is about some dream I just got two nights ago. I wrote this as soon as I woke up – about chasing after “ghosts” that run around you. DO NOT EVER TOUCH THESE DREAMS!!! Consider yourself to be warned. It seemed like in the dream I was sleeping the same place I was in […]


When my friend said tonight at 3 that he hasn’t seen me this committed to a girl, he was right. I haven’t had somebody that could keep me uninterested at others for so long. Maybe because I am running out of time and also I should seriously think about the future. Moreover, it’s about hitting […]

Short facts or hypotheses

When friends start acting like moms it gets a bit annoying. Someone who lectures another but is not a generation above does not make much sense. I don’t know where one can find the authority to doing so. In order to keep up with all the latest shit, money is necessity. People talk about all […]

Quick thought on death

This has mainly to do with religion and the thought of it. As far as my belief goes, I think simply as this: if you were to die at any time t, you will not die at t – c, for small number c > 0. You will not die at any later time t […]


What is with the rain? It has been raining so much that I don’t even remember a day without the use of an umbrella. It isn’t even like life anymore – life shouldn’t have to deal with rain 24/7. I mean, raining is only one of the different types of weather we have on Earth […]


I used to care about what friends say to me. Sometimes they say things without thinking that may be offensive. Whenever I hear those I take it seriously. Now I don’t. Competition was a huge part of me due to teachers in elementary school. So I always wanted to be better than someone, like China. […]

Two quotes

“A chance for me is a chance for you.” – I think I’ve said this before. Although karma isn’t proved, I think people should give everyone a chance. I’ve done the contrary once and I’ve felt it myself in her shoes. It’s more than giving someone a chance – it’s about being wise to have […]

Small thought

The follow up post will be up in a day or two or so – being lazy. And it’s late. Just want to talk about changes and perspectives. People can change. You can change. Sometimes others change while you stay the same; other times you change but others don’t. What does this all mean? I’ve […]

08-31-09 Continued Post

Importance of Concentration Following up from last night, so I talked about pool. So, I learned over summer how important it is to concentrate and play your own game of pool (or snooker) instead of always worrying whether you missed a certain shot or whether you are behind in the game or not, when playing […]

Girls Update

So I left off with the girl not replying by phone nor text. I ended up in misery for almost two days. She texted back at around 1:40 saying she just woke up ’cause she was really tired. My previous message prior to that was about telling her to at least reply if she wasn’t […]