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Two quotes

“A chance for me is a chance for you.” – I think I’ve said this before. Although karma isn’t proved, I think people should give everyone a chance. I’ve done the contrary once and I’ve felt it myself in her shoes. It’s more than giving someone a chance – it’s about being wise to have […]

A few quotes

“Sometimes we do things without thinking of the consequences because of all the temptation.” Additional: I talked about temptation the other day… whether it is right or wrong, and there isn’t really a conclusion. It depends how you see it. If you think holding it in has some strong moral foundation contradiction then you should […]

“Whats the difference between trying your best and just simply trying without your best? There is none, when it comes to fate.”

– Shuu. Whether or not you try your best or not, if you were meant to lose, even if you tried so hard that you were really careful to not make any mistakes, you will still lose. A good example of this is solitaire. Sometimes when you don’t try as hard, you get to win. […]

“If you treat the girl like a princess but she doesn’t appreciate it, she’s not worth your time.”

– Eve

Quote IV

「哩個世界唔係人玩你就係你玩人。」- 愁 “In this world, it’s either people screw you , or you screw them.” – Shuu This is because there is no perfect equilibrium between one and another person. Clearly in my incident with that girl, I got owned. I spent over 50 hours on her, and in the end she said she didn’t […]

“Life is vicious. And to overcome it, one must, too, be even more vicious and violent. Hence, the bliss in life is malevolence and darkness.”

– Shuu with credit given to Moi dix Mois for providing me with insight of what darkness and fear are.

“Sometimes, it’s painful to always treating yourself as the main cast. It’s better to sometimes treat yourself an extra so that you will have less stress.”

– Shuu By main cast, I mean that you put yourself on top notch, always competing and seeking for success. You want to be the centre of attention, discussion and that is painful because it is difficult to take in failure. By extra, it means nothing matters. The only thing is you just got to […]

“All good things become valuable after they are taken.”

– Shuu Side note: You can also say it: “All good things have more value after they are no longer available to you.”