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RTS (Real Time Strategy)

Last night I played a game on AOE 2 HD, against a moderate (new) AI on random map. I was the Brits and the AI was the Celts. I advanced to Feudal and Castle slower than the AI but my Imperial was good at 35 minutes. At one point I thought I was going to […]

My Own Creed

1. Others’ lives do not affect yours. They have a different family background than you, so you cannot compare your life with theirs. 2. Do not make rules for yourself. Laws are laws but rules are little obstacles you set for yourself to avoid doing certain things. (to be continued…)

2013 in Review

2013 was another jumps and downs for me. It’s always been my signature. In retrospect, there are many things to note of. People ask me how I am. I can’t answer I’m great with all honesty because I am never satisfied with my life. Success and pressure are correlated. Most notable is that there are […]

Haven’t had any…

girl luck for a while. I thought I had a colleague from another district interest or interested but I was wrong. She entered just about two months – met her at some training session. Never got her out. I learned in sales that if you can’t get someone out, they’re not interested in you, not […]

The value of sacrificing abundance for scarcity

I have been playing tennis for couple weeks now. Before mostly just smack the ball as hard as I could, hoping it’d end up spectacular – a nice winner down the line. Today I took it more seriously and although sacrificing some power, my control and hence angle was more easily adjustable. In the case […]

Work Life

I’m gonna share some of my experiences and thoughts about my work life since June. I don’t care if people read it or not. I rather them just pumping into this by accident. Hence, I’ve put it in this blog instead. School and work are completely different. I’ll tell you why. When you work you […]

Flaws in our outside world

A few thoughts on death and funerals. Without going into religions too deeply or stating my own opinion on what exists beyond this world, I will only comment on the science and state some but limited history. We don’t know how we came to this world – so we won’t know where we will go […]

Relationship – How to start.

When one isn’t rational, things don’t go right when you get back to being rational. Relationships are that kind of thing. If you start it off in a messy environment, unless you remain in that condition, the relationship’s gonna break eventually. It’s true that e^x raises like e^x and falls like e^x, ie., the faster […]


Lyrics: Kamijo Music: Teru Raise! singing bat! コウモリが歌う Rage! a burning rose! 薔薇を燃やし 骨を叩き踊れ! Raise! a burning bone! 宴が始まる Laugh! shadow of death 影が笑う 闇と呪縛の中 松明を掲げ ”消えた少年達”の遊戯は儀式へ 主の下で骨を叩け コウモリ達の歌に乗せて Raise! come here! right now! come here! 空に墓を造り 太陽を殺せ 闇と少年の戯れは儀式へ 主の下で骨を叩け コウモリ達の歌に乗せて Raise! come here! right now! come here!

School or Q1

I was at Q1 the other day and I was talking with the boss at the end. He was saying how more girls have come than guys have in this year. Also how many girls come with other girls to find other guys. And so I said I should try to meet them. But he […]