FL Update

Today made a new trader and got him to lv 48 in like 5-6 hours… Also he got Bargain and Picking, both lv 30 obtained skills. The Bargain cost me about 320k… lol. With Bargain I can make more money now… Edit: Now, sm54, aol50, mage50, blm50, aod47, bm50, trader48 and slave4. ~shuu.

08-31-09 Continued Post

Importance of Concentration Following up from last night, so I talked about pool. So, I learned over summer how important it is to concentrate and play your own game of pool (or snooker) instead of always worrying whether you missed a certain shot or whether you are behind in the game or not, when playing […]

Fairyland Screenshot

This is my main character and I just got a level up from work skills. And woot! I gained 83HP! (Click to enlarge)