(Girl) Friends?

I was just inspired while about to chat with this girl and reminds me how I should actually categorise them as.  Sure, some may say ‘you don’t categorise people; you shouldn’t even need to hesitate1 who isn’t your friend,’ because some would think people automatically become your friend when you are introduced to them. I […]

Friend Thoughts

Might’ve said this before but when your vision of interests diverse from your hang out group, you step back from that group gradually and eventually out of that group circle without noticing. Because 道不同不相為謀 (or when (their) morality differs (from yours), you won’t relate to them), they will only invite the people with the same […]

Groups – Ingroups, Outgroups

Everyone has his or her own ‘voice’ in a group. A group is a circle of people nearby you. There are psychological terms ‘ingroup’ and ‘outgroup’ to determine who is inside your circle and who is outside it. People inside your ingroups can be said to be your friends whom you share thoughts and experiences […]

Scarred Friendship

Once a friendship has been scarred, it is scarred forever. In this context I mean there is some damage to the connection between one and another. Of course there are some cases where the two get back along together and perhaps even closer than before. But in this context, it means although you have once […]

From friends to being boy/girlfriends.

Something interesting that someone raised in the past that is worth considering upon, which is the ideal time in being friends before you can progress to being together as a couple. The time is roughly four months.. and apparently after that the chances of pursuing the girl to being your girlfriend is slim, or slimmer […]