RE5: Mercenaries Prison Solo

Character: Wesker (Midnight) Kills: 150 Score: 302,426 Max Combo: 32 It was the first 150 kill run I had. My previous best was about 190k for 149 kills.. This time I made sure the stuck point is cleared. I had about 7 minutes when I got all my timers.. Had a bit of trouble here […]


Just got my Jacky to Conqueror level… feels like I’ve accomplished one character. Now, onto the next. Sarah and Vanessa or Kage. Akira and Aoi later. ~shuu.

8 Ball Sweep

LOL. I just owned someone in 8ball, pocketing all 7 balls and the 8 ball without him (or her..) pocketing EVEN ONE! Here’s the screenshot. Oh and I go by the initals ’12’ if you don’t know… If you ever see ’12’ as your opponent, it could be me!

Fairyland Screenshot

This is my main character and I just got a level up from work skills. And woot! I gained 83HP! (Click to enlarge)