An interesting article from Yahoo!: “Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour”

Click the link –> Unacceptable Boyfriend Behaviour for the article. It talks about (maybe not) obvious factors that us guys should not do, given that our girls would think the same way as the author. Lying: It depends on the intensity of the lie. If I tell a lie to hide something I shouldn’t have done, then that […]


I used to care about what friends say to me. Sometimes they say things without thinking that may be offensive. Whenever I hear those I take it seriously. Now I don’t. Competition was a huge part of me due to teachers in elementary school. So I always wanted to be better than someone, like China. […]


It’s like, even if the girl is single, doesn’t mean you have a chance. Similarly, even if the girl is in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance.


So, I just met that girl whom I’ve sort of ended my values on her. She asked me what I’m up to. I’m like doing Math. She said last time she was really busy and that she slept at 4 last night? Okay. And she subsequently apologised saying that she was really busy (uh huh) […]

RE: Honger Girls

Another conversation I had with another friend, I was trying to break things down using logic. He said logic doesn’t work because love is irrational. I disagreed – either she likes you or she doesn’t. She can’t be both. If she likes you but at the same time she doesn’t, it could be she likes […]


Today and yesterday I’ve gone out quite late. Last week around 21st to 24th I went to pool.  21st by myself, 22nd with a college friend, 23rd with another friend and 24th with high school friends. Funny that I scratched the 8-ball like at least 3 times. I lost 7-1, tied 4-4 twice.  The last […]

Excuses 2 & Thoughts on “Online”

To follow up from last time, there are more interesting excuses. So far I got one that says yes and asking me what time I am available but no response. Another one I asked but no reply whatsoever, but clearly online – and occasionally idle or away… so unless someone else is using her computer, […]


Good excuse – bad excuse. Whatever one you make up, please try to polish it before displaying it. I was asking a few girls out using the exact same question/phrase. I see very interesting answers. Some say they are moving; some say her company is moving (wow.); some say sure but can’t say when because […]

Girls Update

So I left off with the girl not replying by phone nor text. I ended up in misery for almost two days. She texted back at around 1:40 saying she just woke up ’cause she was really tired. My previous message prior to that was about telling her to at least reply if she wasn’t […]


TaeKwon-Do Today I learned a few things. Teaching can’t be too strict on everyone – gotta see which age group they are in and the belt level. Another thing is I realised how important concentration is, after reading Rafa’s site. He said ‘it is important NOT to lose concentration.’ And I tried it today in […]