Honger Girls

RE: Something Learned. Tonight a friend and I have confirmed that girls who ignore calls or avoiding from the guys is a tad immature – like I’ve said before. He said that’s the thing with Honger girls. Cbc’s, white girls etc. are much more direct. If you are not interested, don’t waste the guy’s time, […]

08-31-09 Continued Post

Importance of Concentration Following up from last night, so I talked about pool. So, I learned over summer how important it is to concentrate and play your own game of pool (or snooker) instead of always worrying whether you missed a certain shot or whether you are behind in the game or not, when playing […]


Today and yesterday I’ve gone out quite late. Last week around 21st to 24th I went to pool.  21st by myself, 22nd with a college friend, 23rd with another friend and 24th with high school friends. Funny that I scratched the 8-ball like at least 3 times. I lost 7-1, tied 4-4 twice.  The last […]

Excuses 2 & Thoughts on “Online”

To follow up from last time, there are more interesting excuses. So far I got one that says yes and asking me what time I am available but no response. Another one I asked but no reply whatsoever, but clearly online – and occasionally idle or away… so unless someone else is using her computer, […]


Good excuse – bad excuse. Whatever one you make up, please try to polish it before displaying it. I was asking a few girls out using the exact same question/phrase. I see very interesting answers. Some say they are moving; some say her company is moving (wow.); some say sure but can’t say when because […]

Girls Update

So I left off with the girl not replying by phone nor text. I ended up in misery for almost two days. She texted back at around 1:40 saying she just woke up ’cause she was really tired. My previous message prior to that was about telling her to at least reply if she wasn’t […]


TaeKwon-Do Today I learned a few things. Teaching can’t be too strict on everyone – gotta see which age group they are in and the belt level. Another thing is I realised how important concentration is, after reading Rafa’s site. He said ‘it is important NOT to lose concentration.’ And I tried it today in […]

Night time

Quick post before bedtime. Two nights ago, I messaged I*y. I remember her ignoring my messages/text/calls – maybe so do you, if you have read an earlier post. She did reply. I didn’t go straight into asking her out. I was waiting to see her reaction. When she replied, I knew she would at the […]

(Girl) Friends?

I was just inspired while about to chat with this girl and reminds me how I should actually categorise them as.  Sure, some may say ‘you don’t categorise people; you shouldn’t even need to hesitate1 who isn’t your friend,’ because some would think people automatically become your friend when you are introduced to them. I […]

Types of attraction

(or relationships) I think there are two types. I may be wrong but I feel there are some girls that you don’t really have feelings for. Those feelings are like flat. You are not particularly excited with anything related to her. Like a normal friend. I guess you don’t really like her then, but you […]