Tae Kwon-Do Lesson

There are three stages of training attitude. First, your mind tells your body what to do. Second, your body and mind act simultaneously. Third, your body acts before your mind does. ~shuu.

Quick thought on death

This has mainly to do with religion and the thought of it. As far as my belief goes, I think simply as this: if you were to die at any time t, you will not die at t – c, for small number c > 0. You will not die at any later time t […]

RE: Honger Girls

Another conversation I had with another friend, I was trying to break things down using logic. He said logic doesn’t work because love is irrational. I disagreed – either she likes you or she doesn’t. She can’t be both. If she likes you but at the same time she doesn’t, it could be she likes […]


I really feel like writing tonight, but at the same time I don’t feel like writing because I know not many will read or appreciate (this is not a popular site afterall!). Anyway, a few things that I wanna express out to people (yeah right, like we really have a lot of ‘people’). First, a […]

Things never come easy – Part II.

A spontaneous thought that came to me a few minutes ago… and this is a followup of my other post from Things Never Come Easy on April the 9th… Anyway… you know when you care about someone, you think more than usual. When the girl doesn’t act according to your expectations then you start thinking… a […]

Things never come easy.

Right? Think about it. Usually the things that you want come uneasy. Then there are things that come to you fairly easily but usually you don’t want it as much. For example, if you don’t like a particular girl, she prolly likes you fairly easily, without you expecting that would happen. Contrastly, if you do […]