RE: Honger Girls

Another conversation I had with another friend, I was trying to break things down using logic. He said logic doesn’t work because love is irrational. I disagreed – either she likes you or she doesn’t. She can’t be both. If she likes you but at the same time she doesn’t, it could be she likes […]

Types of attraction

(or relationships) I think there are two types. I may be wrong but I feel there are some girls that you don’t really have feelings for. Those feelings are like flat. You are not particularly excited with anything related to her. Like a normal friend. I guess you don’t really like her then, but you […]


I really feel like writing tonight, but at the same time I don’t feel like writing because I know not many will read or appreciate (this is not a popular site afterall!). Anyway, a few things that I wanna express out to people (yeah right, like we really have a lot of ‘people’). First, a […]