Excuses 2 & Thoughts on “Online”

To follow up from last time, there are more interesting excuses. So far I got one that says yes and asking me what time I am available but no response. Another one I asked but no reply whatsoever, but clearly online – and occasionally idle or away… so unless someone else is using her computer, […]

Night time

Quick post before bedtime. Two nights ago, I messaged I*y. I remember her ignoring my messages/text/calls – maybe so do you, if you have read an earlier post. She did reply. I didn’t go straight into asking her out. I was waiting to see her reaction. When she replied, I knew she would at the […]

Scarred Friendship

Once a friendship has been scarred, it is scarred forever. In this context I mean there is some damage to the connection between one and another. Of course there are some cases where the two get back along together and perhaps even closer than before. But in this context, it means although you have once […]