Pool Night

Tonight had two and a half hours of pool at Q1 but I think I got charged 23.50 and I don’t know how that works. Anyhow, I won four, then lost 7… I really need to be more consistent. I know I can sweep the table but simple shots not working, long steady shots not […]


I used to care about what friends say to me. Sometimes they say things without thinking that may be offensive. Whenever I hear those I take it seriously. Now I don’t. Competition was a huge part of me due to teachers in elementary school. So I always wanted to be better than someone, like China. […]

08-31-09 Continued Post

Importance of Concentration Following up from last night, so I talked about pool. So, I learned over summer how important it is to concentrate and play your own game of pool (or snooker) instead of always worrying whether you missed a certain shot or whether you are behind in the game or not, when playing […]


Today and yesterday I’ve gone out quite late. Last week around 21st to 24th I went to pool.  21st by myself, 22nd with a college friend, 23rd with another friend and 24th with high school friends. Funny that I scratched the 8-ball like at least 3 times. I lost 7-1, tied 4-4 twice.  The last […]

8 Ball Sweep

LOL. I just owned someone in 8ball, pocketing all 7 balls and the 8 ball without him (or her..) pocketing EVEN ONE! Here’s the screenshot. Oh and I go by the initals ’12’ if you don’t know… If you ever see ’12’ as your opponent, it could be me!